The Venerable Nelson Mandela ~ R.I.P.


  1. accorded a great deal of respect, esp. because of age, wisdom, or character.
    “a venerable statesman”
    This word partially sums up the great Nelson Mandela. He was many things to so many people but he was always a man of dignity and courage.  Most of us know his story about being the first black South-African president but he was 71 years old at the time. Why did it take so long? Because the all white ruling government threw him in jail for 27 years prior! Can anyone reading this truly imagine being imprisoned for 27 years because of their skin color and ideology?!  I don’t want to get into the political struggles and Apartheid of South-Africa, if you’re interested in history and oppression of a people, research it.  I’m always amazed at the cruelty of humans to one another.  Mr. Mandela has left an indelible mark upon society and the world.  We should all strive to be the absolute best person we can be and to respect everyone we meet.
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