I was recently contacted by Max from Rebound Tag about the article I wrote on their product, the Rebound ID baggage tag.  Max answered my questions regarding what happens if tag was lost or stolen. Here’s his reply “FYI if a tag ever got damaged or stolen we would always be happy to replace it for free (including postage).”

Regarding the pricing here’s his reply “Re: the price it really reflects the cost of incorporating every technology and service available from airlines and baggage handling systems right now…some of these can be expensive from our end, but we have designed a product and service that essentially has everything rolled in to one for our members.”

Max and the good people of Rebound Tag have offered me a free Rebound Tag product to try out. I still have to pay for the service but they are giving me the tag. I will write another update after I try out the tag for a few months. Considering I’ve been to 10 countries in the past month, traveling both commercially and working on private jets, this will be a true test of how reliable the product is.  Stay Tuned for updates!

Check out their website http://www.reboundtag.com

Random post about internet dating….

Ok, so the new year always makes people hopeful of what’s to come. I don’t make resolutions but I set goals at the beginning of each year. For 2014, I want to meet more people, specifically men for dating purposes. I was talking with a girl friend who had success with an internet dating site so I thought I would give it a try.  So my first experience was a phone conversation and this is how it went:

I was talking with this guy from match.com on the phone and it started something like this “….what’s your background, you kinda look asian in some of your pictures”.  I replied, “I’m half Korean, part native american indian and part caucasian”.  He then said “wow, that’s weird, I thought asians stuck with their own”.  Then he proceeded to ask me if I’ve ever beat the drums at the beach since I’m native american.  I asked him if he meant have I been to a pow-wow and he said “no, indians beat drums on the beach for some reason”. But he had no idea why. I live at the beach and have never seen this. He sentences were already fragmented as it was but these comments were too stupid to deserve a reply.

He said he had been on match.com for a year and the night I was speaking to him was his last night on the site and he did not have any luck with finding a partner.  Does he really not understand he’s living under a rock?  His idiotic comments were so over-the-top, I wanted to hang up on him.  I was so taken aback by his stupidity and hope its not a sign of what’s to come regarding internet dating.

Needless to say, I’m still searching.

Markus Brucks; Director of Operations @ Landmark Aviation in Toronto, Canada

EVERYONE in private aviation who’s ever been to Montreal or Toronto, Canada knows Markus Brucks. He is the definitive go-to guy in FBO services. His outgoing personality and knowledge of how to utilize every inch of cargo space has earned him an excellent reputation with professional sports teams and other operators carrying heavy cargo loads.

I met Markus 15 years ago when I starting flying with the NHL Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, back then he was working in Montreal, Canada at St. Hubert airport (CYHU). He was truly a one-man show at that tiny airport. He’s professional yet fun-loving and truly enjoys his job.  He has worked with every major NHL and MLB sports team over the years. He’s the best at it and his passion shines through in his work! Besides working with sports teams, he’s responsible for interacting with all foreign dignitaries, including the royal families of Saudi Arabia.

In 2003,  while being recruited by several companies,  Landmark Aviation (back then it was Piedmont Aviation) in Toronto offered him a management position as Director of Operations and he’s been there ever since. Markus is considered the “go-to guy” because he can assist you with anything in Toronto, not just aviation related.

As with all of us in private aviation, we have some stories we can tell so I asked Markus if he had a favorite client or story he could share. This was his reply.

“That’s a good one. I have so many but one that sticks out is when I was able to meet Tina Turner. A number of years back she was in Toronto to promote a new album and the night she was flying out I found out she and her passengers had to get screened before boarding the aircraft. She was the last to get screened and because the ramp was a bit slippery I asked if I could assist her. She said yes and I gave her my arm and she wrapped her arm around mine. I walked with her for about 300 feet to the aircraft and I felt…I can’t even describe it. Except. WOW. I had Tina Turner on my arm.” ~ Markus Brucks

I have to say that in all my years of being in aviation, Markus is hands-down one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

In recent years Markus has finally met the woman of his dreams, gotten married and started working on growing his own family. He tells me he’s 2 kids short of a hockey team. How apropo.

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An interesting new product for avid travelers; The Rebound Tag

I recently read about this new product called the Rebound Tag, which is a microchip baggage tag.  Here’s what the website http://www.reboundtag.com had to say about it.

“ReboundTAG is integrated with global baggage handling systems so that when your bags has been found you receive updates by phone and email. It is designed to incorporate every available technology that is authorised by airlines.

The ReboundTAG has two RFID (radio frequency identification) microchips inside, one of them has a permanent identifier while the other is programmed to take flight details whenever you travel through an airport using microchips; airports using a standard IATA microchip system will automatically encode the flight details onto the ReboundTAG (you do not need to do anything). ReboundTAGs also have a barcode and number printed on them so that they work where there are no microchip readers, but currently 80% of hub airports, where most bags are lost, use microchips.

When your bag gets lost, an airline can identify it using either the microchip, barcode or number. You then get updates by SMS to your phone and also by email as ReboundTAG is integrated with baggage handling companies. They can also see your flight details encoded on the tag if you have been through a microchip enabled airport.

You can choose to keep your details anonymous so that no airlines can see who you are, but you will still get automatic updates through our secure web system.

In addition to this, you can go to your ReboundTAG Member’s Area and enter your lost bag unique number, given to you by your airline, which we will then forward to our baggage handling company partners. They will then look through the global lost luggage databases to find your bag and keep you updated by phone and email when the bag is found. Airlines often enter lost bag data incorrectly (colour of the bag etc); our partners will look through the databases to find your lost bag in places where automated computer systems would not find it if it has been entered incorrectly by an airline.”

Here is my question. What happens if your tag is removed from your bag, such as being lost or stolen? Then what? If its stolen can that person then turn around and use my tag for themselves or is it like an Iphone that you can disable it from working all together? That is not being explained as far as I can tell by the website. Many of us, including myself have experienced losing the tag from our suitcase.  Since this tag roughly costs $48.00 (I say roughly because the website sells it in Euro’s and that fluctuates regularly) I would be highly upset if it went missing.  Also, each year you’re required to pay a membership fee of roughly $14.00.

I think its a cool concept but would want my questions answered and the price more affordable before I bought it.


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Congratulations to Heather Holt; CEO & Founder of Just Soles… an online shoe emporium!

Shoe Lovers rejoice!!! A new online company called Just Soles allows ALL women to have the shoes of our dreams! You can rent, sell and/or buy designer shoes at a fraction of their retail price.  www.justsoles.com

I am a shoe fanatic! …Anyone that knows me and my shoe closet can vouch for my obsession with shoes. So this concept is amazing, plus I’m blessed to be able to call Heather a friend.  Heather has so many wonderful qualities, she’s intelligent, sweet, giving, beautiful and stylish. I’m so proud of her for creating this endeavor and becoming an entrepreneur. Mark my words, her Just Soles shoe concept will revolutionize the industry!

In my conversation with Heather Holt, CEO & Founder of Just Soles, she told me the epiphany for her company began because she was hit by a taxi in Manhattan on Valentine’s Day! As with any traumatic event, it made her take stock in her life and what was important to her.  She had already made her life-long dream of living in Manhattan a reality just a couple years prior, now she wanted more than just her cushy six figure bar job. Working in high-end hospitality becomes more like a lifestyle than a job, with excellent pay for part time hours. But it can also become addictive and may make it hard for some to move on to other ventures. Heather calls it “soul-sucking”.  I agree completely.

Heather is also shoe fanatic like myself but to the maximum degree possible. I just like to buy them, she knows everything about them!!

She said she became shoe obsessed and would memorize every new line, from the names of the shoes to knowing every trend before they were out in stores.  Her obsession lead her to research the market for shoes, and how the online market was changing the way people were shopping. She discovered the online market for shoes was exploding.

Just Soles is a user driven platform where shoe loving ladies can go to buy, sell and rent shoes.  Think of it as a combination of user driven platforms (eBay/Poshmark) and higher end rental platforms (Bag, Borrow & Steal/Rent The Runway). ” ~ Heather Holt

Heather admits it was a long process in creating the website because she wanted it to be an easy, fun and approachable  experience for shoe lovers, while also making it user driven.  She says “There is nothing like a shoe lover” and I whole-heartedly agree, being a woman who collects shoes as a hobby.  🙂

Her Just Soles company is the first of its kind. There is nothing else in the current marketplace similar to her concept.

Since her initial opening stylists, designers, bloggers and everyday women are going crazy over her revolutionary shoe concept.

Heather said many of her clients are stylists that are now able to pull shoes for their clients, like Louboutins for $100. And everyday women are now renting shoes for weddings and events that they would otherwise not have access to.

Just Soles was utilized by stylists and designers during New York’s Fashion Week 2013 and has already been prominently featured in several articles.  Check out her user-friendly website at http://www.justsoles.com.


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For the man who has everything: A bullet proof suitcase!

I want one!!! This suitcase is lightweight, stylish and can stop a speeding bullet!! James Bond kinda stuff. It also comes in some cool colors and costs between $500 – $700. I think  this product is a MUST-HAVE for the refined affluent traveler on private jets. Check out Tumi’s website @ http://www.tumi.com for more info.

Here’s what Tumi says about this new product:

Tegra-Lite® is a breakthrough travel collection that combines the highest levels of durability and impact resistance with the ultimate in lightweight ease and maneuverability. Tegra-Lite® is made from Tegris®, a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material created by Milliken® for use in lifesaving armor, NASCAR race cars and protective gear for NFL players; it is exclusive to Tumi for travel and accessory products around the world.

This lightweight, hardside carry-on is our most compact wheeled carry-on design for those who travel domestically and internationally. It has four 360° swivel wheels for effortless maneuverability. Among the many technological and functional advancements of Tegra-Lite® is Tumi’s patented X-Brace 45® handle system that adds structural rigidity to the case and prevents damage to the handle. The cases are lined and feature interior accessory pockets and tie-down straps, TSA integrated locks, bottom grab handle and exterior bumpers for added protection.

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