As a corporate flight attendant I have many people asking me all kinds of questions about my career. I’ve listed the most frequent questions below but you can also contact me if you have other questions.

What’s the difference between a commercial flight attendant and a corporate flight attendant?

Commercial flight attendants work for regional or major carriers like Delta, American, United, Jet Blue, Southwest etc… They are paid by the flight hour and will typically have a set schedule for each month that they bid on based on seniority.

Corporate flight attendants fly on private jets and do NOT work with the general public. We can either be independent contractors, meaning we work for ourselves or we are employed by a company. Either way, our industry is “on-demand” meaning we fly whenever and wherever our passengers/clients want to go.

How much money do corporate flight attendants earn?

We are paid a daily rate which depends on what state you live in, California’s base rate is $450-$500 a day but increases with experience and your demand. We are also given a per diem (domestic & international) and our hotels and transportation are always paid for.

What training is required to become a corporate flight attendant?  

Anyone interested in a career as a corporate flight attendant must complete a training program. For more information visit my company’s website at http://www.jetsetaviation.com then click the flight attendant training/certification section.

Where do corporate flight attendants travel?

We travel the world and get paid well to do it! We have no set schedule as everything is determined by our client’s needs. So, if you’re spontaneous and love the adventure of travel, this may be a great career for you!!

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