Congratulations to Heather Holt; CEO & Founder of Just Soles… an online shoe emporium!

Shoe Lovers rejoice!!! A new online company called Just Soles allows ALL women to have the shoes of our dreams! You can rent, sell and/or buy designer shoes at a fraction of their retail price.

I am a shoe fanatic! …Anyone that knows me and my shoe closet can vouch for my obsession with shoes. So this concept is amazing, plus I’m blessed to be able to call Heather a friend.  Heather has so many wonderful qualities, she’s intelligent, sweet, giving, beautiful and stylish. I’m so proud of her for creating this endeavor and becoming an entrepreneur. Mark my words, her Just Soles shoe concept will revolutionize the industry!

In my conversation with Heather Holt, CEO & Founder of Just Soles, she told me the epiphany for her company began because she was hit by a taxi in Manhattan on Valentine’s Day! As with any traumatic event, it made her take stock in her life and what was important to her.  She had already made her life-long dream of living in Manhattan a reality just a couple years prior, now she wanted more than just her cushy six figure bar job. Working in high-end hospitality becomes more like a lifestyle than a job, with excellent pay for part time hours. But it can also become addictive and may make it hard for some to move on to other ventures. Heather calls it “soul-sucking”.  I agree completely.

Heather is also shoe fanatic like myself but to the maximum degree possible. I just like to buy them, she knows everything about them!!

She said she became shoe obsessed and would memorize every new line, from the names of the shoes to knowing every trend before they were out in stores.  Her obsession lead her to research the market for shoes, and how the online market was changing the way people were shopping. She discovered the online market for shoes was exploding.

Just Soles is a user driven platform where shoe loving ladies can go to buy, sell and rent shoes.  Think of it as a combination of user driven platforms (eBay/Poshmark) and higher end rental platforms (Bag, Borrow & Steal/Rent The Runway). ” ~ Heather Holt

Heather admits it was a long process in creating the website because she wanted it to be an easy, fun and approachable  experience for shoe lovers, while also making it user driven.  She says “There is nothing like a shoe lover” and I whole-heartedly agree, being a woman who collects shoes as a hobby.  🙂

Her Just Soles company is the first of its kind. There is nothing else in the current marketplace similar to her concept.

Since her initial opening stylists, designers, bloggers and everyday women are going crazy over her revolutionary shoe concept.

Heather said many of her clients are stylists that are now able to pull shoes for their clients, like Louboutins for $100. And everyday women are now renting shoes for weddings and events that they would otherwise not have access to.

Just Soles was utilized by stylists and designers during New York’s Fashion Week 2013 and has already been prominently featured in several articles.  Check out her user-friendly website at


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