Don’t vacation in North Korea!

ATTENTION ALL READERS!  If you’ve been watching the news lately you know that the fat, extremely ugly, pig-faced kid that is Kim Jun-Un, the supreme dictator of North Korea just had is uncle executed for treason! How preposterous! His uncle was a blood relative, if he could so easily condemn him to death…do you honestly think he cares about anyone other than himself?!  Beware adventure travelers!

Kim Jun-Un’s upbringing is the epitome of the recently coined “Affluenza” defense. The son of a ruthless dictator, the grandson of a ruthless dictator, educated OUTSIDE of North Korea for the obvious reason of there being NO real education in that country, only propaganda and rhetoric.

Anyone thinking about taking a vacation to North Korea, I say…Why?!  It’s a true waste of money. You’d have better luck of winning the lottery than you would of seeing the REAL North Korea.  I know some people are saying it would be “cool”  to see or its a “trendy” place to visit but you’d be (potentially) dead wrong.  Again, beware adventure travelers or vacation thrill seekers.

No tourist will EVER see the real North Korea or the plight of the people!!!

No tourist will ever see the detention/slave camps. No tourist will ever see the masses dying of starvation. No tourist will ever see the brutality being lashed upon its citizens. No tourist will ever meet anyone who has free speech. No tourist will ever meet anyone with free will or civil liberties.

I just bought a great book entitled “Escape from Camp 14”. Its about a north korean man who escaped the slave camp that he was born and raised in. He knew no other world existed. His story is gut-wrenching and heartbreaking and should be a must read for anyone wanting a better understanding of life in North Korea. It should be mandatory for anyone thinking about traveling to North Korea as a “destination vacation” spot.

How could anyone consider North Korea a vacation spot knowing this information?  If by chance you, the tourist, did happen to see something the North Korean pig-faced dictator did not want you to see, then you may be held captive for some random, made-up bullshit charge and imprisoned. Then and only then, would you truly see the REAL North Korea.