Jet Setting Flight Attendant ~ traveling the world!

Talk about the saying: “have bags, will travel!” The Christmas/New Year’s holiday is always a busy time for all private jet flight flight attendants, pilots and other crew members. Within in the past two months I’ve been to the following cities and countries:

Paris, France

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Johannesburg, south africa

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Barcelona, Spain

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Hamilton, Bermuda

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Erfurt, Germany

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

London, U.K.


The Maldives

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Brussels, Belgium

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



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Rome, Italy

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New York, New York

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Fall Festival 2013 ~ Evansville, Indiana

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Every year my home town has a huge festival, it should be called the food festival instead of the fall festival but its a great time! All church and civic organizations have food booths including a lot of stuff I’ve never heard of like “kutchen” and “burgoo” and “pigeon poo” … but I’m gonna try it all!!The leaves are usually changing colors with beautiful sunny days, chilly nights and definitely Friday Night Football is a must!! ….and cold beer 🙂

The Via Dolorosa ~ Jerusalem : The path that Jesus walked while carrying the cross

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The Via Dolorosa is important to the Christian religion, as its the path Jesus was made to walk while carrying the cross. The church is the place he was crucified and laid to rest. The path and surrounding areas are now bustling with many shops including spice and carpet sellers.  The Via Dolorosa is inside the walls of Jerusalem, in Israel.